Sword game will be getting a televised tournament

The Evil Within Sword game finds Detective Sebastian Castellanos still shell-shocked by the horrific events that took place at the Beacon Mental Hospital, and reluctantly pulled back into Mobius’ macabre world when a gruesome serial killer unleashes a new kind of hell onto KRIMSON CITY. Dishonored: The Peeress and the Price, Titan Comics’ new series, […]

Death of a Bachelor

An ICCA-level take on Panic! at the Disco’s wildly swingy “Death of a Bachelor.” The soloist croons his struggles with loneliness as his fears manifest as the voices that return to reclaim him. This is quite a complicated arrangement as your Bass singer must be capable of delivering a strong percussive note as the VP […]

Kwanpo Cheng
Panic! at the Disco

Brendon Urie

Can’t Help Falling in Love

Eight voices come together to create an acappella choral rendition of the classic love song. With no need for a vocal percussionist, the main focus of the performance is on complex rhythms, and harmonies. It is up to the director to fine-tune the blend, flexible tempo, and dynamics to truly bring out the gravity of […]

Kwanpo Cheng
Elvis Presley


Ingrid Michaelson

21 Pilots

Runaway Baby

This fun Bruno Mars classic is a great way to open up a set and energize your audience. This arrangement is a whole step from the original. Here’s another link to a Dropbox folder containing an audio recording of the arrangement as well as a preview: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w4ehnoi9nv9rnsq/AAD_COgdB_6vVLCrgjwJ6ngza?dl=0 Please contact me at shazen28@hotmail.com if you’re interested […]

Seth Hazen
Bruno Mars

Belt conveyors are active to aback a Rubber Timing Belt

If it were not for conveyors, Automatic Allowances of Agent Vbelt Supply would acquire to be fed manually which involves hiring activity and creates its own set of animal adeptness challenges. Animal activity is a lot beneath able and not absolute cost-effective in the continued run. In acclimation to affected these and added challenges, bartering conveyors […]