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But in the early 20th century, as University of California, Berkeley, escape room props for sale geographer Richard Walker described in his 1997 history “Oakland: Dark Star in an Expanding Universe,” “deindustrialization before deindustrialization” took hold. But deindustrialization also left holes in Oakland’s downtown. But before this happens, a majority of the sun’s energy is […]


powerful, politically charged Sara tune! Strong female soloist. Repetitive but not necessarily simple. Cool gospel section at the end. Appropriate for any experience level. Available SATB and SSAA.

Nina Pelligra
Sara Bareilles

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In between that and the inexplicably funny plot synopsis, JXKJ1987 had sorta decided not to bother learning more about Escape Room. Maybe it’s the knockoff House on Haunted Hill vibes I felt while watching all six of these strangers (who, as a reminder, will be forced to use their wits to find the clues or die) receive […]