The most interesting mmorpg online,do you want to try on the unigame?


The most interesting mmorpg online,do you want to try on the unigame?


Game hunter x focuses on Gon and Killua as they take the Hunter exam. Each character has two fighting styles and the player can switch between them using Change Drive. Gon can rapidly hit enemies with his fists or activate Change Drive to pull out a giant fishing rod; Killua has hand to hand attacks and a skateboard; Kurapika uses hand to hand fighting and his two bokken swords; and Leorio uses hand to hand attack’s and his medical knowledge. The player can also switch between two characters using the Tag Shift System. In this mmorpg online game,All of the characters in the game have a “Tension Gauge.” This meter fills up when a character you’re playing takes damage. When it is full you can unleash a powerful special attack. Hisoka is also one of the story mode bosses in the game.


Hunter x is based on battling opponents. The aim of the game is to beat the opponents and power up the player’s characters, in a race to become a legendary 3-Star Hunter. Players can receive quests from the Hunter’s Guild, which are completed upon victory over a quest boss. At random intervals the player will also run into raid bosses, on the unigame, each various opponent will give them access to new characters and items.


The game follows the plot line of the Manga, and thus it is no surprise that participants can use Nen and special skills, leading to intense battles which require both fast reflexes and good strategy to win. Winning battles between x hunters allows the player to proceed to the higher levels of the stadium, and the more the player wins, the stronger the enemies they will have to face. Of course, when defeating stronger enemies, players are awarded with much more valuable prizes.


It’s also possible to form a guild with other mmorpg browser, allowing for a more social aspect in the game , and giving players the ability to team up to take on quests from the Hunter’s Guild and cooperate with each other to take out the more trickier raid bosses.


How awesome it would be to have a modern hunter x hunter game! be it an adventure one or a fighting one, if hunter x has a nen based fighting style it would be one of the best fighting games ever! Imagine how the ultimate attacks would be! here’s what came to my mind! 



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