What is a Mechanical License and where can I get one?

According to Wikipedia:
“In copyright law, a mechanical license is a license that grants certain limited permissions to work with, study, improve upon, reinterpret, re-record (etc.) something that is neither a free/open source item nor in the public domain.
Within the music industry, a mechanical license gives the holder permission to create copies of a recorded song which they did not write and/or do not have copyright over. It is an agreement with the composition copyright holder, the publisher, or the songwriter that allows the holder to reproduce the composition – recording, printed sheet music, lyrics, for example.
Copyright law also allows for a “compulsory mechanical license”. Under the law, anybody can obtain compulsory mechanical license without express permission from the copyright holder.”

In most cases, you can get a Mechanical License here: http://www.harryfox.com/public/MechanicalLicenseslic.jsp

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